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Material Research

Material Refining and Material Performance

The performance of advanced metal powder is closely related to the manufacturing technology and process controlling.

The first step of powder manufacturing is to smelt and refine materials.

After refined the material, the performance of powder showed as below:

1. Lower oxygen content, especially during the range of the stable oxide;

2. More excellent sphericity, less irregularly granule on the surface;

3.Sintering Characters: higher density、smoother surface、more accurate dimension;

4.Less impurities could improve the plasticity、ductile、intensity of the tool steel powder, which could make higher impact resistance

5.Pure alloy content also could improve the performance of the metal powder.

●Huijin adopts the unique smelting and refining technology to improve the purity of atomizing materials.

●The material under the same atomizing technology , the Oxygen content showed different caused by the different smelting process

●Futher analysis on powder surface  showed that the morphology of the product whose oxygen content is higher would be worse

●Sintering shrinking percentage of SUS304L is decreased 3% and sintering ductility is decreased 5%.