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Equipment Engineering

   After more than ten years development, many specialized technologies have been accumulated, including many advanced atomizing systems, powder processing technologies, electronic-magnetic inducing heating technologies, ultrasonic technologies, and dust removing systems, etc. Huijin now provides many specialized leading equipments and technologies for all the customers over the world. Huijin purse to improve the powder production condition and play more attention on environment protection, safe and health.

    Specially, Huijin’s equipment arises from intensive R&D and large scale powder production practices. These are the very cherish resource and advantages over other equipment suppliers around the world.

一.Atomizing Systems

     The company founder set up the first close-coupled gas atomizing system in China, and now we have developed many industrialized atomizing systems.


     2015 Titanium-alloy Powder Atomizing Technology

     2006 High Pressure Water Atomizing Technology

     2003 Centrifugal Atomizing Technology

     2002 Ultrasonic Atomizing Technology

     1998Supersonic Gas Atomizing Technology



Centrifugal Atomizing System

Ultrasonic Atomizing System

The advantages of Huijin atomizing system:

Low energy consumption,centralized particle size distribution,good powder surface, no need of atomizing medium,clean production

Applied in chemical,pharmacy,food,metal and etc

二. Other auxiliary equipment